Adventure is OutThere

The year that travel came to a pause has left OutThere travellers with a deep hunger to explore the globe. As confidence in getting out into the world again grows, OutThere travellers are interested in and making enquiries about journeys that go beyond the norm, anchored in a sense of adventure and discovery. With life in lockdown having a numbing effect on our senses, it’s no wonder that there is a desire for must-see, eye-opening trips to reinvigorate our souls.

69% of OutThere travellers are interested in going on an expedition holiday before the end of 2021. This includes small-ship cruises, epic train journeys, safari and wildlife-spotting and adventures that push our limits, be it physically or mentally.

A close second to escapism holidays, expedition holidays ranked high among the holiday types that OutThere travellers are interested in going on in 2021. By Q4, 2021, expedition and escapism holidays will rank neck and neck, indicating exciting opportunities for travel brands that offer itineraries which do both.

In addition to looking for transformative travel experiences that match our values, our sense of adventure and desire for experiential travel will also be a motivating factor when choosing and booking hotels. In the last few years of our trends research, we have noted that OutThere travellers are not just looking at hotels and resorts that offer unadulterated luxury and a sense of place, but are also interested in what hotels can do to create an experiential stay. We are looking for memorable experiences that help us explore more of the local area, expand horizons and aid personal growth. In this year’s survey, that desire continues.

Photography by Nigel Riches on location in Bali, Indonesia for OutThere’s Beautiful Bali Issue

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