City slickers

Bucking the trends evident in mainstream travel, OutThere travellers will lead the charge back to urban destinations. While most people will seek open spaces in rural environments, 88% of OutThere travellers will repopulate city-based hotels and experiences, as quickly as we can, as soon as city-destinations reopen, and as long as it is safe to do so. 

OutThere travellers thrive in urban environments, away from the conservative gazes in more rural destinations. We want to be where we can meet and interact with other members of the community. Destinations that have previously invested in or demonstrated their backing for the community, or can show that they are welcoming in their marketing, will see OutThere travellers reward them with our support in return.

A vast majority of OutThere travellers have already travelled to smaller, secondary cities since June 2020. Less densely populated cities that have access to open space, nature and beaches will be popular, but the data indicates that it won’t be long until OutThere travellers head back to major metropolises. 

OutThere travellers are also more adept and compliant to health and safety standards, and are more mindful of others – many having lived through a pandemic once before. They also understand the power of community to rebuild after a time of crisis. Moreover, often considered opinion leaders, OutThere travellers can really set the benchmarks for urban tourism of the future and drive the mainstream back into cities.

Photography by Martin Perry on location in NYC for OutThere’s Monumental NYC Issue

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