Familiarity breeds contentment

For many OutThere travellers, our first grand outing in 2021 will be one that is familiar. 61% of us will embrace old favourites and travel to a destination or place that we have done so before. 72% will book with a company that we know well, or one that has been recommended by someone close to us, or one that has a good reputation among other OutThere travellers.

It seems that for the short term, we will ‘play it safe’ by shifting our sights to travelling to where and what we know, with who we know. Beyond a heightened desire for safety and security, OutThere travellers want to optimise the enjoyment of our first holiday out of lockdown and will be generally less patient about stepping outside our comfort zones.

But while familiar, these journeys will still need to be fabulous and flawless. While we want to revisit destinations and return to brands that we’ve had an affinity with, or ones that have clearly demonstrated support for the community, we’re still looking for that wow-factor and to learn something new about the place.

We remain unphased by new experiences when we travel, 72% of OutThere travellers saying that they’d love to be surprised by something they didn’t know about a destination they’re familiar with. This is great news for brands that offer experiences beyond a cookie-cutter itinerary.

And for the 39% whom there is an immediate appetite for adventure, discovery and making up for lost time, we’ll want to do so with brands we can trust – ones that offer a touch of the known in a place that is new to us.

Photography by David Edwards on location at Villa Fontelunga for OutThere’s Magnificent Mallorca Issue

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