Hearts and minds

In 2021, there will be a much heightened awareness among OutThere travellers of our impact when we travel; and we will put our money where our values lie. 

Sustainability – particularly environmental impact – has long been a concern for OutThere travellers. It continues to be so, but we are now far more interested in regenerative travel rather than just sustainable. OutThere travellers are no longer just concerned about a hotel’s green credentials – they take it as given. 96% of OutThere travellers will not entertain the idea of booking a property that isn’t environmentally friendly. What we are interested in, is how the hotel actually gives back.

Social sustainability is the flavour of this year, with OutThere travellers interested in destinations, properties and experiences where we feel we can give back to the community that we’re in, or to the greater good of social advancement in the destination. This is reflected in our appetite for transformative travel. 86% of us are now looking – more than ever before – at holidays that will help us change our outlook on the world and enable us to get a better handle on the challenging structures that still shape our society today.

Moreover, OutThere travellers are looking to destinations and brands who can demonstrate inclusivity in their outlook, good social responsibility and ones that value diversity and difference. 

OutThere travellers truly understand our purchasing power. We have been successful in toppling conservatism in travel through boycotts and activism. We are much more aware than ever before about ownership and governance, and will hold destinations and travel brands accountable. The brands and destinations that will appeal most to OutThere travellers will be ones that understand ‘planet, people and purpose’.

Photography by Martin Perry on location in British Columbia for OutThere.travel

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