Holiday, celebrate!

OutThere travellers’ priority on returning to the world will be to fulfill postponed 2020 plans while considering new ones. Traditional vacations aside, many of these trips will be cancelled milestone celebrations – big birthdays, anniversaries, destination weddings and honeymoons, festivals and special events, retirements, or earn-outs from business sale – anything from a ‘for me’ trip for the solo traveller, to a special trip as a couple, to a ‘family’ trip for related multi-generational groups or a bubble of close friends. In normal times, celebrating a special occasion is one of the top reasons why OutThere travellers travel. In any given year, 71% of us will travel to mark a momentous occasion.

A significant proportion of these ‘try-again-trips’ will be rebookings, but OutThere travellers will consider double-budget bonanzas – essentially combining their budgets from 2020 with that for 2021, to upgrade their trip. This could be going up in airline class, or even flying private; or improving their accommodation category or upgrading their choice of property; or adding-on higher-value experiences to their itineraries. This offers up the opportunity for travel brands to upsell and/or trade-up their existing bookings, or increase the basket value of new bookings. With 61% of OutThere travellers having the same budget as last year to play with and 18% willing to spend more in 2021 than they had planned for 2020, this already high-spending traveller will have even greater economic capacity than before. 

For OutThere travellers, there is an added dimension of Pride celebrations missed in 2020. Many of us travel to destinations that host big LGBT+ Pride celebrations to mark personal milestones and experience community togetherness and show our solidarity with other members of the community. OutThere travellers are aware that travelling for Pride during the summer may be optimistic but that is not stopping us from looking for opportunities to show our pride as soon as we can. 

Photography by Charl Marais on location in London, UK for OutThere’s Magnificent Mallorca Issue

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