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Limitless travel

OutThere travellers can’t wait to travel the world again and having experienced lockdown and being told that they can’t, are reviewing their wander-lists to include some once in a lifetime journeys with less price-sensitivity than ever before. We predict significant interest in budget-busting experiences like luxury aircruises and ‘celebrity’ escorted journeys, money-can’t-buy experiences and out-of-this-world expeditions like submarine and superyacht adventures.

Bye bye bucket-list

In line with the data showing less frequent international trips and longer durations, we predict that OutThere travellers will be far less concerned about bucket-listing (checking off as many destinations as possible in any given year) and instead be more thoughtful and intelligent about their approach to travel. We’re not suggesting that slow-travel will take over, many OutThere travellers will still have to juggle their busy careers and lives, but travel will be a lot more immersive. However, we have also noted a trend in nomadic travel, or work-from-abroad. With many OutThere travellers realising that they don’t need to be tethered to their desks – coupled with many not having the traditional family ties (90%) that others may have, there is a growing demand for long-stay, high-tech travel options.

Redefining luxury

OutThere travellers will continue to redefine luxury and are looking for enhanced personalisation when they travel. The pandemic has made us more demanding as a traveller group – we’re far less patient with accepting the status quo when we travel and more insistent that travel products and services are tailored to us, at all levels. In addition to us wanting to work with travel providers that match our values, we are going to be less tolerant of those who don’t understand us and our needs, which means providers have to pay far more attention to the detail than before.


Wellness will always continue to be an important part of the travel experience for OutThere travellers. Our year in a pandemic has given us a greater appreciation for; and the opportunity to reappraise what we want from wellness. In 2021, OutThere wellbeing seekers will look for travel experiences that offer a powerful convergence between wellness and health, a big focus being about strengthening the immune system, but also about expanding wellbeing of the mind and lifestyle, as well as the body. OutThere travellers will also pay more heed than ever before to food and beverage offerings that enhance the individual’s overall wellness journey.

Photography by Martin Perry on location in Mallorca for OutThere’s Magnificent Mallorca Issue

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