With 61% of OutThere travellers taking an annual ski holiday each year, there is going to be significant, pent-up interest in ski and snowboard escapes for the 21/22 ski season. Even with widespread restrictions firmly in place for this season, ever hopeful (43%) OutThere travellers are looking to resorts with late and extended seasons this year to get their fix of the piste, or are investing in private ski experiences like heli-skiing where they can. 

But everyone else who won’t be able to get out this season are intending to return to the slopes with gusto next season, with 36% of OutThere travellers saying that they have already booked or rebooked for 21/22.

With the expectation that ski-resorts are likely to be lacking availability next season because of this surge in demand, OutThere travellers will be researching and reserving their places earlier than usual.  Some of these travellers will also be making up for lost time and are looking to double-up on budgets to book blowout-ski-bonanzas and are in the position to upgrade their existing trip, or book a new, but bigger trip next season.

Ski providers should get in on the game much earlier than usual this year. With this demand, plus increased competition from expedition travel in the late part of 2021/early 2022, ski travel brands should present their credentials to OutThere ski-lovers as soon as possible.

Photography by Yann Allegre / Unsplash

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