Cruises are OutThere

We are seeing a rapid return to the experiences on the water. 59% of OutThere travellers call themselves cruise travellers and are considering a cruise holiday in 2023 and beyond.

New, luxurious, sustainability-conscious ships, itineraries and expeditions are leading this trend, but OutThere cruisers are primarily looking at out-of-the-ordinary cruise products and adventures, as well as educational and transformational on-vessel and on-land experiences. They are also being drawn by some of their favourite, usually landlubber luxury hotel brands, taking to the high seas and rivers.

Additionally, with ‘blue health’ (heralding the restorative properties of time-out on water) being a much-touted buzzword last year, it’s no wonder that private yachting trips are already on the up, with 37% of OutThere travellers actively researching VIP yacht journeys. 

We have also noted a significant increase in interest in river cruising, which has surged ahead in interest as much as ocean cruising has.

OutThere travellers are also looking to redefine cruising’s relationship to their ports of call. With a greater desire for transparency and we are interested in looking at how cruise companies can contribute better to the local communities on their stopover destinations, as well as addressing economic leakage, tax avoidance and their impact on the environment.

“Ultra-luxury and elevated cruise concepts are revolutionising the way cruising is done, and the industry has little choice but to respond accordingly. We will launch Explora 1 in 2023 and far more shortly after. In the next five years, we’ll have hydrogen-powered ships, making sailings more environmentally conscious. Our ships will all offer oceanfront suites and private terraces to around 900 passengers, as well as unparalleled luxury facilities and amenities, with a dedicated focus on guest well-being and ocean state-of-mind. We are also creating far more immersive experiences in destinations as well as aligning with local communities, spending more days in one port of call rather than blowing through.”
Explora Journeys

Photography by Martin Perry on location in Comino, Malta for OutThere’s Majestic Malta Issue

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