Let’s get truly personal

OutThere travellers will continue to redefine luxury and are looking for enhanced personalisation when they travel, we’re calling it “true personalisation”.

True personalisation is not just about making a tweak to accommodate a special request from an OutThere traveller, it’s about taking the time and effort to create a dialogue to understand and engage with specific wants and needs, hopes and fears. Technology can help on a rational level, but the human connection on an emotional level is also important.

The pandemic has made us much more discerning as a traveller group – we’re far less patient with accepting the status quo when we travel and more insistent that travel products and services are tailored to us, at all levels. In addition to us wanting to work with travel providers that match our values, we are going to be less tolerant of those who don’t understand us and our needs, which means providers will have to pay far more attention to the detail than before.

In 2023, travel providers will quickly see that personalised experiences will be a powerful differentiator within a rapidly hypercompetitive travel space. Those who are critically reappraising their customer management protocols or strategy will be able to optimise operations, exceed the needs and wants of customers, and see a greater return on investment, retention and loyalty.

“The pandemic may have changed travel, but what’s even more important is recognising that the pandemic has changed people. It’s changed the way people live day-to-day, their priorities and their passion points.”
Hilton International

Photography by David Edwards on location at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy for OutThere.travel

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