The future’s OutThere


Travel behaviour
Notable patterns from our research into OutThere consumer behaviour.

Insight 1: Inclusion and transparency are core values
OutThere travellers are proactively looking to travel providers who are transparent and can outwardly demonstrate inclusivity in their outlook.

Insight 2: It’s all about me
Self-indulgence will be the primary motivating factor for OutThere travellers this year.

Insight 3: Protagonists, not tourists
OutThere travellers are looking to be at the very centre of storytelling when they travel.

Insight 4: Connection, reconnection and community
OutThere travellers will travel overwhelmingly to connect and reconnect with ourselves, the people around us and the global communities that we’re part of.

Insight 5: Let’s get truly personal
OutThere travellers will continue to redefine luxury and are looking for enhanced personalisation, or ‘true personalisation’ when they travel.

Insight 6: Tales of the city
Bucking the trends still evident in mainstream travel, OutThere travellers will lead the charge back to urban destinations.

Insight 7: Preserving culture
OutThere travellers are looking for cultural immersion, particularly those showcasing cultural sub-sectors, creative economies, living heritage and community-based cultural expressions.

Insight 8: Let’s really get OutThere
OutThere travellers will be looking for ‘liberated luxury’: unbound experiences that challenge the parameters of traditional luxury travel expectations and well outside their comfort zones.

Insight 9: Cruises are OutThere
2023 will see a rapid return to the luxurious experiences on the water.

Photography by Martin Perry on location in Glenartney / Gleneagles, Scotland for OutThere’s Spellbinding Scotland Issue