The future’s OutThere


Changing travel behaviour
There have been some very interesting changes in the way that OutThere travellers will approach their journeys this year, brought on by the events of 2020.

Trend 1: Privacy makes perfect
The future of OutThere travel will be exquisitely private.

Trend 2: City slickers
OutThere travellers will be the first to return and lead ahead of the mainstream in the recovery of urban tourism.

Trend 3: Hearts and minds
2021 will see a much heightened awareness of the impact we make when we travel. Overwhelmingly, we’ll put our money where our values lie.

Trend 4: Familiarity breeds contentment
When we return, we’ll mostly head back to what and where we know, with who we trust. Brand reputation and how you’re seen by the community will be more crucial than ever.

Trend 5: A new dawn for the travel expert
The pandemic has underlined the role of the travel advisor and tour operator. And OutThere travellers are flocking to them.

Trend 6: Adventure is OutThere
Our time in lockdown has created a voracious appetite for expedition travel, like never before.

Trend 7: Holiday, celebrate!
OutThere travellers will spend 2021 celebrating life’s milestones: ones missed in 2020 and also ones to come.

Trend 8: A cultural renaissance
There will be a surge in demand for cultural experiences and attractions when OutThere travellers can get back out into the world again.

Trend 9: Skis-up
A pent up demand for ski will see OutThere travellers take to the slopes in droves for the 21/22 season. And we’re booking way in advance of the norm.

Trend 10: Cruise into the future
OutThere travellers will return to the high-seas sooner that the industry may think.

Ones to watch
Four other notable OutThere trends to consider, from the redefinition of luxury to the role of wellness in tourism recovery.

Photography by David Edwards on location at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como for OutThere’s Non-Stop Tel Aviv Issue